Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lunch with Fellow Bloggers

                                                  Me, Carol, Kathy, and Sue.

Ya know...not everyone gets it.  We decided it was nice to sit and chat with one another because we have similar interests and most of those that we know that aren't in the business just don't get it.  Carol even said her son refers to Carol's followers as her "invisible friends".  Well, they might be until we get together for lunch and we become reality. We met at BRIO in Winter Park Village yesterday for an awesome Italian lunch...the food was wonderful if you haven't been to one yet, and we enjoyed each other's company.  Carol is especially helpful and will share all of her secrets.  She is a shabby chic girl and loves to do all kinds of shabby chic and French-style crafts.  Check out her blog: The Polka Dot Closet. She has an etsy shop and also sells locally at Orange Tree Antique Mall in Orlando. And, she has been published twice in Romantic Homes Magazine!  I took a couple of pictures of some things she recently brought in. 
Carol found a ceramic pair of ballet shoes and covered them in mosaics. Aren't they cute?
Carol "won" this cute stool at an auction, painted the wood base, covered it in linen, and used an old stamp kit to make it's priced at only $28.00 !!!

Kathy and Sue from Sue-Bees and Butterflies have a wonderful booth at Art Angels on S. Orange in Orlando. They do shabby chic as well.  Sue is the shabby girl and Kathy is the chic, but I think we're turning Kathy into a shabby girl, too!  I have to praise Sue for pushing me to get my blog rolling.  She has been blogging for a while and has a lot of followers and follows a lot of awesome bloggers. You can thank her if you're sitting here reading this!

Lastly, a bit of great news!  I was just informed that I have been accepted as a vendor at The Fancy Flea market that is held in Lakeland twice a year. Mark your calendars.  It's a one-day event, Saturday, November 12th from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. on Kentucky Ave in downtown Lakeland. 
I have lots to do to prepare, but so excited to be participating.  I know there are a lot of wonderful vendors setting up this time.  Yes, they "get it"!  It will be awesome.  Come see me! Come see us!  Kathy and Sue will be there, too!


  1. Yikkes! Wish I had fluffed my hair! That was sooo fun, I love getting together with people that "Get me"! I am so excited that you are going to be at Fancy Flea!!! That will be so fun seeing you girls! Thank you for the fabulous shout out. Yes, we will have to get together for lunch again, and again!


  2. Sounds like you all had fun, it's always fun to meet local bloggers! I will mark my calendar for the fancy flea event, can't wait to see what ya got.


  3. It was so nice to meet you today and make my first sale with you : ) I adore Carol of The Polka Dot Closet and love her projects. I also want to visit Art Angels in Orlando but have so little time with my booth and a full-time job. I am seriously considering visiting the Fancy Flea, it sounds like so much fun!