Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Story!!

A while back I posted a dining table for sale on Craigslist and I had a nice lady come to take a look.  Mind you, she traveled 40 minutes to get to me.  Anyways, she decided the table wasn't for her but she was amazed at all of the "treasures" I had stored in my garage. She asked if I minded her looking around and I told her I did not.  It was interesting to see how others viewed my "projects".  She eye-balled a cute vintage vanity that I had recently was painted in Annie Sloan's Old White.  I had sanded it all out but had not put a top coat on yet...I was trying to decide on whether to seal it with wax or poly-acrylic. She was in love and thought it would look great in her daughter's room...and she would be hauling it off to Philly if she bought it!  So she asked if she could leave a deposit and pick it up once it was complete.  So, I got the money I wanted for the table and double that when she picked it up! I wanted to share the befores and after now that it has been taken away to it's new home.

This was originally a Craigslist find. I purchased it with a matching chest of drawers.  The chest was in much better shape and it sold right away in the shop. This little baby sat in my family room for some time and my husband finally said it was long enough...and I had been itching to use my ASCP, so on with the project.  There is also a pretty mirror and harp but you don't see that yet....
Now, I didn't quite get that you're supposed to wax before you sand, according to Annie Sloan, so I promise that my next project will go in that order.  The little vanity spit out enough dust in the sanding project to choke a horse, but it was soooo pretty. And, in the end, I did end up using the poly-acrylic to seal it since it was going in a little girl's room.  What's my reasoning? waxy feel? How do you feel about a wax finish?  Maybe I'm using too much?  I try to buff to get a nice smooth feel, but it still feels like a waxed finish. One day with all the extra time I have, Ha!, I am going to sign up for one of the paint classes and watch these professionals in action!
For the mean time, this is the results I get.

I had to find a cute pink fabric to cover the vanity seat.  I found two little tassels at the same store that I thought I could add to make it special.  I hung them on the left and ride sides of the mirror. I then lined the drawers with some Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic drawer paper that I had here.  I forgot to get a picture, but they were very cute.  I sure hope her daughter loves it!

Onto my next project.  I have lots to choose from!  Until then... 
I will be visiting Sue from Sue Bees and Butterflies and her booth partner, Kathy, at their Ladies Night Open House at Art Angels in Orlando. They have a booth entitled Chic and Shabby. Kathy is Chic and Sue is Shabby!  They have a wonderful selection of vintage items.  And, they have some new dealers at the shop so I can't wait to meet them and view all of their treasures. I'll take photos! Bye for now.


  1. Where were you?! I hope everything is good. We had a fun time and I really like the new vendors.
    You did a great job on this vanity! Did you get a text from High Falootin?! Big changes!

  2. I love it, great sale! I have never used AS paint, but I would never think to sand after I waxed?? I love the wipe on ply acrylic and that is what usually use. I know Sue and Kathy what a great booth they have and they are such great girls!


  3. You're so right I am glad I did not sell the vintage rubber stamp set!


  4. Oh wow...that turned out so darn cute! I can see why she bought it right away. I still have not tried ASCP....someday...


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