Sunday, September 18, 2011 could this happen to me twice????

Does this picture speak for itself????
Besides the fact that I can't figure out how to make my pictures go in the right direction...sorry about that!

How could this happen twice???  The first time I spilled the "magical liquid" I was painting a table top and somehow I hit the can and knocked it over and it came spilling out onto the table.  I said a few choice words and then as fast as I could started scooping it up with my paint brush back into the can.  I have to say, I got most of it up and painted the table with the remainder.
So, here I was on Thursday, getting ready to paint this cute little chair...I don't know if it's a child's chair or a salesman sample, but as I lifted it up to put it in front of me, the leg of the chair hit the can of "magical liquid" and it came a-pouring out once again.  This is the second can of Old White I have purchased so how could this happen to me twice?  So, since it poured out on the plastic tablecloth that I was using as a drop cloth, I thought, well, what the heck, I might as well get a-painting! 
So, I finished painting the little chair and then went onto these...there was a lot of paint on that drop cloth! I have them all painted, but need to wax and sand. I have a very dark oak library table I want to put these with.  I have always liked that look...I love the contrast between the painted shabby white and the dark wood. It will be for sale since I already have a dining room table and chairs.I then started on this little French cutie.  I have a wonderful French writing desk/vanity that this chair will pair nicely with. This chair had been at the antique mall for some time so I asked the owner if she could give me a deal...and what a deal it was.  I can't wait to show you the results, but you'll have to wait till I finish the writing desk.

I'm off to work on another painting project!  I also have lots of tagging to do since I found some really nice things while out doing the yard sales on Friday and Saturday.  Maybe I'll make another post before I watch the Emmy Awards this evening.
By the have figured out that my "magical liquid" is my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint??? which I guess is now being referred to as ASCP.
Have an enjoyable evening.


  1. Oh I have done this with regular paint, but not the pain that cost a million dollar a quart! I bet you said a few choice words!!


  2. Ohhh no! I think I would be sick to my stomach.
    Looks like you are in the chair mode..
    I know how to turn your pictures!!! I just might tell you for a cloche..oh wait I already have it..hehe

  3. Hi Denise~I can't imagine spilling the "magical liquid" twice~ yikes! Thank goodness for the plastic tablecloth ( I use one too!)Looking forward to seeing the finished products. We need to set a lunch date, it's been way tooo long! Things are finally settling down for me~ so look at your calendar! Miss u