Friday, July 8, 2011

Space B at Traditions Antique Mall

Hi, all.  I'm finally getting around to showing you my last two spaces at the antique mall in Wildwood. This is the space my husband and I refer to as Space B.  We had to "title" them so we both understood which one we were talking about in conversation.  He'll ask me where I am going to put a certain piece and referring to the spaces any other way was just getting down-right confusing.  So, that said, here's Space B.  These last two spaces are in the backside of the mall, back in the un-air-conditioned part of the store...what we call the warehouse. And, yes, it can be warm.  But, we do have quite a few fans to keep the air moving and when it's not raining we keep the big garage doors open to allow the air to flow.  It doesn't stop the customers from coming out to shop.  They definitely appreciate the cool air once back inside but, there are some wonderful dealers in the warehouse so it's a not-to-miss shopping spot. 
This space shown, Space B, is usually my more traditional space, but it has gotten over-run with a little of everything right now...everything from an awesome garden settee to a farm table to a mahogany breakfront.  As you will see in my pictures I don't deal in just shabby chic. I love to mix it up a bit in my own home so I generally will buy what I like...a good mix. I have a little traditional, a little cottage, a little shabby chic, some primitive farmhouse, and some French style.  I hope to appeal to many shoppers. 
 The photo above shows the wonderful French wire garden settee.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. My husband says I can't keep it all so I hope it will go to another good home. I just brought in this very heavy four-piece concrete water fountain featuring a cherub on top.  A recent addition is this cute painted secretary perfect for jotting little notes.  It will also provide storage space for one of your collections.  I love the gridwork on this one. Looking below...I have a PB farm house table available...who says you can't mix old and new? I also have 4 PB Napolean rush seat chairs available as well.
 That is an English oak "dresser" wedged in the middle there.  It is an equivalent to what we would call a hutch.  It features great display space for your pretty plates and bowls on top...and wonderful storage below....can't have enough of that.
 Below is a recent antique oak parlor table or writing desk.  I like the lion's heads on the corners.  Oak is very popular at the mall. To the left of it is a wonderful drop front mahogany table...just refinished. It is in pristine shape and the graining is just show-off beautiful, as you can see.
The little oak cottage table sits high above the writing desk showing off it's pretty turned legs. This vintage table is a perfect size for holding your cold glass of lemonade.
The picture above also shows off the gorgeous Maddox mahogany breakfront that stands guard in this space. It offers great storage for dinnerware, crystal, silver trays, and dining room linens. But, a special feature is that the top drawer slides opens, and the front drops down to offer up a small writing desk. The burling on the front is just beautiful...they just don't make furniture like this anymore.
I apologize for not getting better close-ups on some of these pieces, but this will give you a general idea.  If you have any specific questions about a particular piece, please do not hesitate to ask. I promise to post Space C pictures tomorrow. Until then....

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