Thursday, June 30, 2011

Space A at Traditions Antique Mall

I know, I know I promised to show you the little nightstand that I was painting with my Annie Sloan chalk paint, but I have not yet finished with the final touches so I will give you a peek as soon as it is complete. Until then....
I brought my camera to the antique mall on Wednesday and snapped some photos of my three spaces that I have there.  I will show one space at a time...I start today with Space A.  Let me know if you have any questions about anything in my photos.

The is the space where I display the majority of the Botanica line of shea butter soaps, lotions, and powders that I carry.  They are one of my best sellers. I have many repeat customers since the scents are wonderful and they are beautifully packaged.

I refer to this space as "Space A" since it is the first of my spaces you happen by in the mall, although it is the last one that I acquired.  It is my "shabby chic" space.  I painted the wall a chocolate color.  It's a great contrast color for my white furniture.

These stools are a recent find. I love the carved out backs.

I am able to display my vintage lighting in this space since I have a low ceiling.

 I love vintage tole chandeliers.

 I love this little garden bench.  I just didn't have the heart to paint it.  I love the patina. I sanded some of the chippy paint off to expose the original gray-colored aluminum.  Cast aluminum won't will last forever.

 This is a wonderful Italian venetian mirror.  I have a similar one in my guest bath and I just love it.  It adds a bit of glam to any room!
 I love, love, love this chest of drawers!  I have had it for awhile...and have found a set of pulls to replace the ones on top so I can move the top ones to the bottom...I just need to do it. The chest is soooo well made...and the drawers slide with such ease...the details on the escutcheons are beautiful  and is painted in an oil paint and then is hand-painted with a swag on the top drawer. I know the right person will come along soon and will love it as I do!

Have you ever seen a curvy wicker dress form?  She's available.  The rusty screen...sorry, not available...some things are just for display.
And, everyone looks at the tag on this one....unfortunately, it's not for sale...yet.  There is a mirrored back...three pieces in all, but one is broken and needs to be ordered.  The sides were wood, but we're going to replace them with glass...and glass shelves.  I'll let you know when it's complete.  Even though it wasn't quite ready I was glad to get it out of my house.
I hope you have been able to get a feel for my first space.  If you head to the mall, please look for my tags: The Rusty Gate, Antiques and Vintage Chic, dealer 124.
 Traditions Antique Mall is located on SR 44 in Wildwood, just 3 miles east of I-75. 
OPEN 7 days!


  1. Wow!!! Love your space. I want the rusty gate...and the dresser! Now we really need to get there. I'm leaving Monday so it will have to be Aug. I'll call you from Montana!!

  2. Hi Denise, I'm Sherri (Tynk) from over at Ruffles-n-Raspberries.. SueBee gave me the link to your blog. I just opened my booth at Traditions yesterday! I havne't had an opportunity to meet any of the dealers yet, but, hope to meet you!
    Good luck with your 3 booths! Wow! 3? You go girl! LOL

  3. Ok, I've seen your glass hutch in the last picture, so I just know you're the one who has that salvaged white peice hanging from the ceiling... right? Says, "Not for sale"?? I'm waiting and keep checking for when it will go on sale, I would love something like this hanging in my dining room.

    Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting all the info! Greatly appreciated! Can't wait to meet you, hopefully soon.

  4. Thanks for posting our latest giveaway button on your blog. Our EVerything Annie Sloan giveaway is OVER the TOP and we're soooo excited!! I hope all your friends and followers come over to check out the great giveaway!