Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally, Space C at Traditions Antique Mall

Okay, here come the pics from Space C at the mall.  My friend said it was hot in the back the other day during the rains, but I tell you it is worth the look back there.  Start in the back of the mall, take a break and shop the front, and then go to the back again to shop the second side. Our owner, Carmen, opened the mall little by little, adding space as we grew, and we're at max fill now...again, worth the trip.
That said, here are some pictures of my last space in the mall...in the back warehouse.  I have to admit that I probably have some dusting and cleaning to do back there.  They run the large overhead fan and much gets settled on my shelves and table tops.

This space was to be my cottage style booth, but because of the variety of things I carry it doesn't stand true to form. I do have some cottage garden furniture in this space, depression glass, ironstone and china, and some really cool restaurant dishware.  I was fortunate enough to come across a large load of one pattern at a thrift store as they were donated by the original owner of a small restaurant.  They are white with turquoise flowers. Very cottage-y! I have 28 complete settings and many many extra dinner plates, dessert/salad plates, small vegetable or fruit bowls (we used to call them monkey dishes in the restaurant business) and lots of saucers. The only reason I don't have more settings is that I only have the 28 cups.  The sets can be purchased individually...only $10 a place setting! or you can buy the whole lot if you want to use them in your restaurant or bed and breakfast kitchen. I have most of the pieces there with the exception of a couple more piles here to bring in.  I have filled the china cabinet (that looks empty in the pictures) with some of the pieces. Email me if you have questions.
I also have lots of blue and white dishes...I love them, but I don't use them in my house.  I do the red and white transferware instead. My Mom does blue and white with her white slip-covered furniture and it is beautiful! Victoria magazine always does a blue and white cover each year. Blue and white is just classic.
I also have a large selection of tole trays...mostly black but I do have a red one and a cream one as well.  These were quite popular at one time for home decor, but they have lost their popularity and I have picked up some that I think are very pretty.  I love to group them like artwork.  I have 3 in my office area and also a tole painted watering can.
Lastly, I'll mention the depression glass...which I love, too.  The green goes quickly but I do love the mix of the light green and light pink.  There was a shop in downtown Mt. Dora a few years back that I would say was my favorite, but only because of the gal that had the front booth. She could display her things so nicely.  She would set a cottage table with the green and pink depression glass and I would drool over it.  I wish I had more room at home to store dishes as I would have six or seven sets to pick from.  I sold a set of Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz dinnerware and it just killed me to do so.  I just loved them, but not enough to change them out with my set of Spode's Billingsley Rose, so since I had no room to store them, into the shop they went, and out the door they went, in the first two weeks they were there. At least someone else gets to love them for me!  I still have a few odd pieces left in the shop.
My next blog entry will be to show you the Clermont shop that I am in.  It's called Tres Chic Boutique.  If you're in the area and not busy on Friday night, there is a wine walk going on downtown.  It's Wine Walk 3, starts at 6 p.m. and is only $10.  Check in at Bacchus Vino on Montrose to get your wine glass to keep, and a map to all of the shops that will have wine samples. And each of the shops will offer their own small bites for you. Stroll the shops while you sip your wine and feel free to take a treasure home.  It's a great value and a great night out in Clermont. Hope to see you at Tres Chic Boutique!

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  1. I just love snooping around peoples booths!! I plan on getting out to Wildwood this fall when I visit my Aunt and uncle that winter in the Villages. Those are gorgeous Tole trays, I can't believe you have so many nice ones!!