Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back from Newport, Rhode Island...

We went on vacation to Newport to attend my nephew and his fiance's wedding and decided to make a week of it.  We arrived on Thursday and spent the day driving around checking out the area near Providence and then went onto Newport on Friday. Of course, we had to discover the little downtowns with their quaint little shops. This is the first we found...only because we were looking for that little restaurant by the water that the guy at the rental company told me about.  Lobster rolls and clam chowder...we could handle that for our first meal in Rhode Island...and it was a bit cooler than the weather here in Florida so a bowl of hot chowder sounded good!
This is Jarred's...I saw the sign twice and I finally insisted that we go check it out.
It was a cute little shop from the outside and we were excited to see what treasures were within.  See the nice little jeep we ended up with...I did priceline.com and got a standard vehicle for $15. day and when we arrived they didn't have that size so they upgraded us at no additional charge!  Wish we could have packed it full, but we had to be able to get our treasures on the plane! 
Look at the cool stuff here...the wonderful chest with the rose and swag decals...the mantle...this was definitely not your typical consignment shop. The prices were sooo good, but since we were flying there was no way to even consider buying any furniture...until she told me they would ship it!
Yup...I am a dealer...flipping the dishes over to see what they are.  I wanted to buy the green depression stems on the top shelf and the carnival glass pitcher and matching tumblers behind me.  They were so well-priced, but my husband (the guy with the camera) told me to keep in mind that we had a whole week....so I passed.
There's my Mom doing the same thing...flipping the tags to check the price.  I wish you could see that little cabinet behind that white fan...it was awesome.

There was a lot of painted furniture here for a consignment shop.  I liked the green china cabinet, the cool wine rack on the left and the white chairs there in the front.  There were a lot of pretty chandeliers but they weren't cheap...must be more popular than the furniture.

Anyways, we each bought a small treasure ( I found a pretty rose plate for $5.) and then decided to move on. We were ready for our lobster roll and chowder.  Not bad for our first stop!
I spoke with one of the gals on my way out...I think she was an owner... and she told me about their website.  So, here's the link in case you want to take a look:


  1. Sooooooo....How was the lobster roll and Chowder!!! You brought that cool weather back with you, Yea! Nothing better than shopping in small towns


  2. Nice work Dede looks like fun!
    Love, Caroline

  3. Denise, I thought you'd have Fancy Flea pictures??? If you are ever coming into town let me know and I will meet you for lunch or dinner.